Script doctoring & story consulting

Nothing charges me up more than helping someone's dream project become a reality. Sometimes my contribution is offering constructive feedback on a script in development or a rough cut in post-production.

Here are some testimonials from folks who've been brave enough to let me "kill their darlings."



I've worked with Holly since 2008 when we developed and co-wrote the feature Prairie Love, which premiered at the 2011 Sundance Film Festival. It marked the beginning of what I would like to call, "a beautiful relationship." Holly's script consulting work has helped with every screenplay I've written over the last eight years. She has a great way of giving feedback that cuts right to the chase without making it personal. Holly makes it about the story. As a screenwriter, you want someone who is going to give you ideas not notes. We need to hear what's missing, what's overkill, and what would make it better. Holly is that person. 


Holly's script analysis has been invaluable to me; she's thoughtful and concise while always respecting the vision of the script.

Jake Lipman, producing artistic DIRECTOR, tongue in cheek theater:

Holly Lynn Ellis did a spectacular job on my IndieGoGo campaign videos. From script advising to coaching a natural performance from me, to capturing everything on my wish list and more, it was a dream come true to have Holly's expertise, guidance, and eye. As a longtime producer of theater and new media, I hope to work with Holly again and again!

Maryll Botula, Screenwriter/Producer:

Holly consulted on fundraising and promotional videos for my feature film and on some screenplays that I currently have in development. Her notes were invaluable. Her technical eye is very precise and the adjustments she suggested - be it camera framing or linking a specific clip to the narrative made all the difference. As a reader or viewer, Holly was able to zero in on the narrative I wanted to express and help me construct all of the ways this can be brought forward more concisely. 

Kat vecchio, manager of grants and investments, fork films

Holly was a valuable member of our grant application review team. Her smart and insightful comments helped us select finalists from over 100 documentary proposals.